Competition's organisation

Competition's organisation

CSI*, CSI Amateur Gold Tour, CSI Children : 13- 15 march 2015

The main competition ring has been renovated as well as the paddock, with a Toubin- Clement ground.

These two massive investments shoud lead to an event with perfect technical conditions.

We have a brand new lunging -arena near the boxes.

Besides, Haras de Jardy have acquired 104 permanent barn-boxe in the meadow. A stabilized ground circles the boxes to insure dry access in case of bad weather. A network of small ditches will ensure drainage of rainwater. There will be permanet lighting and fixed water supply.

For the best possible reception, the layout of Orangerie has developped and foof service is now provided by a new caterer.

Finally, the Carrousel area, dedicated to fast food service, has extended by 50 m2, opening to a direct view of the paddock.