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Born in St Seurin sur l'Isle : 16.02.55
Divorced, one daughter, Lisa.


Scientific "A level"
Mastership in civil law and 2 years of studies at the Institute for political studies in Bordeaux
Official receiver in 1981 (headlist)
B.E.E.S. 2 (BHS Instructor)


March 2008: Town councillor for St. Seurin sur l’Isle (town with 2,900 inhabitants, 65 km from Bordeaux)
March 2005 to September 2007: National Secretary for Sport for the UMP (French right-wing political party).
From 82 to 89 : Trustee-Official receiver
Since 1989, managing director of "SPORT INTERNATIONAL and COMMUNICATION" ltd.


President of the French Equestrian Federation in 1993.
Reelected in June 1997. Renunciation in Mars 1998.
President of the Physical and training Regional Center ( CREPS) in Bordeaux since 1996, nominates by the Youth and Sports Ministery.
Member of board of directors of the Olympic National Committee since 1997 and designates to seat at the national commission of High level Sport.
Member of the Sports Academy since March 1995.


Decorated Officer of the Légion d’Honneur in 2006
Knight of the Legion of Honor in 89 (List of nominations of the bi-centenary of the French Revolution.)
Knight of the order of the Agricole Merite in 1988.
Gold Medal of the Youth and Sports Ministry in 1988